Additional Previous Speakers (2011 – 2015)

Ambassador Vicki Huddleston – Mali & Madagascar

Charlotte Ponticelli – ACFR, State Department

Brian Katulis – Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Richard Nathan Haass – President of the Council on Foreign Relations

Jay Taylor – Director of Programs, Higher Education for Development

Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn – President, The World Food Prize Foundation

Hank Hendrickson – Executive Director, US-Philippines Society

Ambassador Anne E. Derse – Lithuania

Barbara Slavin – Fellow, South Asia Center

Joseph Biden – Vice President, United States

Rajiv Chandrasekaran – Senior correspondent and associate editor, The Washington Post

Pamela Constable – Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post

Tamim Khallaf – Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ahmed Ali – Senior Research Analyst, Institute for the Study of War

Aakif Ahmad – Vice President Convergence Washington, D.C.

Robert P. Haffa, Jr. – Principal, Haffa Defense Consulting

Dr. Satu Limaye – Director, East-West Center

Vladimir Petrovic – Ambassador, Embassy-Republic of Serbia

Peggy Orchowski – Journalist/Author, Congressional Correspondent

Hank Hendrickson – Executive Director, US-Philippines Society